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BORDER ZONE: No Visa Required :
-- You can go as far south as Ensenada (on the Pacific coast) or San Felipe (on the gulf) without any type of visa, and may visit and enjoy these border areas for up to 72 hours (three days-two nights). Day trips, overnights or even 3-day weekends will not require special permits to enter Mexico border zone, and Tourists Are Welcome -- but CARRY YOUR IDENTIFICATION, i.e., U.S./Canadian drivers' license or (all other countries' citizens) your passport.
-- This visa-free "visitante local" zone includes:
  • Playboy Magazine's Fave: Rosarito Beach, just 20 miles south of Tijuana,
  • the Movie-Making theme park Foxploration at Fox Popotla studios
  • the fishermen's village on the south studio wall at Popotla
  • (reflect on the political-economical struggle between M0V*@S and f*sh*ng)
  • the well-known lobster restaurants a little further along that coast (Puerto Nuevo and others)
  • romantic ocean-front resorts
  • beaches
  • the rustic countryside around La Mision valley
  • the wine country of Guadalupe Valley (its wineries and scenic road to the border village of Tecate -- an excellent way to get a little taste of back-country Baja California in one day)
  • the city of Ensenada in its beautiful Bay of Todos Santos on the Pacific -- including La Bufadora -- the natural ocean blowhole -- on the tip of Punta Banda just a few miles south of Ensenada (turn right at Maneadero [don't go any further south without a tourist card or other form of official visa])

    For a one or two-day "circle drive" you can go one way on the scenic ocean-hugging toll highway to Ensenada (a good place to stay overnight), come back via the Guadalupe Valley road to Tecate, and return to San Diego on Highway 94 and/or 8. If you like to drive, those are beautiful routes. Don't drive at night (except the coast highway).

    IF you anticipate going further south (beyond Ensenada) -- and there are some BEAUTIFUL places to see and swim south in Baja California, do, Do, DO get your tourist card. It's good I.D. and makes the cops happy, and it is The LAW. Every person who will go south of La Bufadora beyond Ensenada SHOULD get the Tourist Card. Available at Mexican Consulate Offices in the United States, or right there at the Mexican Customs (ADUANA) border office WHEN YOU CROSS The Border. They are NOT AVAILABLE AWAY FROM THE BORDER. If you are a U.S. or Canadian citizen you will need a birth certificate or your passport. All other countries need to show their passports. The tourist card costs twenty something dollars, depending on the value of the peso at the time you cross.

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