Baja California Wines.

Baja California is a wine producing region.  If you go to any art opening (@ CECUT or elsewhere) you might brush up against one for free.  You can also buy them by the glass in many restaurants and art-cafés like El Nopal, La Antigua Bodega de Papel, Casa de la Nueve, etc., etc.  You can also purchase the wines by the bottle in most supermarkets and liquor stores. They range anywhere from three to ten dollars a bottle, although a few are more expensive.

L.A.Cetto, Padre Kino, Santo Tomas, Domecq, are some of the winery names.  The grapes grow in the coastal valleys and hillside slopes south of here, toward the first mountains, where the clouds and fog sometimes come, and the sun is in the southern edge of a northern climate.

Local produced varietals include a merlot, nebiola, cabernet, chardonnay, and a sweet "white" (actually pinkish) zinfandel sometimes called a rosť.

We find the LA Cetto nebiola to be particularly interesting and satisfying to our bittersweet tastes seeking dusty relief from languid sorrow ah distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December and each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor E.A.Poetestically ahhhh yes another glass, thank you....

L.A. Cetto has been producing wines for several generations.  Their tasting room (with winery tours until 3:00 p.m.) is located in the inland eastern portions of the Guadalupe Valley, on the highway from Ensenada to Tecate.  They also have a facility in Tijuana just up Canyon Johnson from Constitución Avenue.  Put on sumptious wine-tasting evenings with dinner and music.  Daniel even worked one night for nothing as a favor to his friend who'd been hired to cater the food.  But the friend got drunk and they never contracted him again.  If they slip us some money we'll say even more about them, but for you, yes, here's a hyperlink. Goshdiddlywinkers but we LOVE esta tecnologia.

IF YOU WANT TO BUY Baja California wine, well, we suggest the simplest thing of all: go to a supermarket.  On Revolution Avenue, there's the big GIGANTE which you can enter between 2nd and 3rd next door to the parking lot.  Liquor stores also carry wines, but check the prices if you're shopping for the best value.  One problem is that the wineries in Baja California just don't make as much wine as the California vintners, and so their prices tend to be not as cheap as a similar product north of the border.  Brandy is the big selling product in Mexico, and pure wines come in second.  What are the prices: roughtly, we're talking between four and ten dollars a bottle.

The best deal of all, and the most enjoyable (if you have a designated driver) is to visit the wineries out in Guadalupe Valley.  Tasting and sales of all their varieties.

REMEMBER: California residents (OVER 21 years of age) can only bring one or two bottles north across the border, per each adult.

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