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This page is loosely organized. We throw things here when we don't know how to organize them, or haven't organized them yet -- the beauty of the internet is you can revise and edit anytime. POOF! Many items worthy of visiting are listed under the subjects to the right -- "turinfo pages." There you can access our sometime digressing babel about shopping, eating, drinking, movies, museums, markets. Here, in this page, as the title says, we have some "miscellaneous things to see" -- i.e. objects which don't seem to fit into one or another orderly category. Or maybe we've just had one too many tequilas to shove them into place.

Now, Mikey, don't tell them that!

Shut up, Danial....

Chief among these uncategorizable anomalies is the infamous and celebrated Revolution Avenue -- the classic cliche of Tijuana. What is it? Walking? Dining? Drinking? Shopping? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And more. Don't fit in anywhere, not even here -- so we give it its own page.

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The Tijuana Tower /aka/ The Agua Caliente Tower

Beyond the head of Revolution Avenue, where it bends left and gives birth to the "Bulevar" (Agua Caliente Boulevard), sits a pleasant little park of big trees under the looming hills, surrounded by roaring streets and traffic. There, in that park, you will find a white Moorish looking tower standing on four legs -- you can walk right under the tower.

This structure is now the symbol of Tijuana itself. It is a rebuilt version of a tower which used to stand a couple kilometers up the boulevard near where the Twin Towers -- two glass skyscrapers -- are situated, also called the Towers. Not to be confused with another set of towers, radio and tv transmission towers up on top of Cerro de las torres, hill of the towers. Heh he hee -- got you confused yet?

Mikey, pour me another drink, will you?

Anyway, the Tijuana Tower or the Agua Caliente Tower is a rebuilt copy of the original Agua Caliente Tower which was a landmark showing the entrance to the Agua Caliente Casino and Hotel.


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The Border Fence at the Beach

The latest in must-see places at the end of the earth where monsters grow long of tooth and short of breath.

An almost unbelievable mix of carneval atmosphere and economic desperation embroiders the metal fence dividing Berlin, I mean, America.  This is where our friend Ed yells at us because "in Berlin they were trying to get out, not in" well, tell that to the families who lost a son or daughter, brother or sister....

Sorry, Paco, but we still love you even if you have one-way anti-immigrant signs plastered on your brain.  Sigh, after all, so do we.  Are guilty of eating at restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago... buying cheap frozen chicken from North Carolina... hiring day laborers to work in our yard for minimum wage and....

This fence is the symbol of it all.  Come see it or maybe take a politically-correct culture tour (click on their fence picture to go to their site).

Take the Playas bus or route taxis, get off at the bullring by the sea, walk down to the ocean and turn right to head toward the fence.  Lots of good restaurants around.  The walk along the oceanfront promenade south from the fence is truly splendid if the weather cooperates and you have dressed appropriately (hot or cold, depending).

We only write poetry and spend money on food and life here in Mexico, hoping to give someone a little bit more work here, not there.  So there, Paul.  Damn I miss you and J and J.B. must be so biggggg now.

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Tomb of Juan Soldado.

A shrine to an accused murderer who was shot without a trial and has a popular following among persons in danger of abuse by authorities, especially immigrants who wish extra spiritual help. Located in a cemetery beyond downtown. To get there you can walk or take the White & Blue Taxis from Ninos Heroes (C) between Juarez (2nd) and Puerto (3rd). The taxi departure site is very near the cathedral and outside the Popo Market.

For more information, you may visit this other informative site.

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