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Disabled Access In Tijuana.

Well, the bad news is: neither of us have seen busses with chair lifts or anything like that.

The more bad news is HILLS HILLS HILLS and stairs stairs and more stairs.

The good news is: if you're a wheelchair athlete, you'll love Tijuana in the daytime.

We see people in chairs everyday. Especially downtown. They get around, both on their own -- like wheelchair athletes -- or with walking friends or family accompanying them. Downtown, Revolution Avenue, Constitution, Niņos Heroes and even all the way (six blocks) west to Parque Teniente Guerrero (where there ARE Steps, so careful) are all areas of touristic and cultural interest which can be accessed in chairs... BUT WATCH OUT FOR TRAFFIC and better you go with someone(s) if you ain't no athlete.

If you walk (or wheelchair) up the ramp from Plaza Viva Tijuana on the route to downtown -- which IS feasible for people accustomed to taking on a lot of streets and hills in their chairs -- then you will probably run into a guy we know -- local -- who sells gum from his chair on the pedestrian bridge. He speaks a little English and buys his gum fresh almost every day in bulk. A little packet of four pieces is like a dime or a peso, we forget right now. Tell him the gringo poet says Hi. But what he really wants is a Jumbo Jack burger. Se llama Hector.

There's another guy on the bridge who always hangs out selling gum, he gets around on a skateboard and has no legs. Man, where there a will....

In the interests of access, the city has cut into most of the corner streetcurbs downtown and made ramps. But, getting to Tijuana, unless you have a vehicle specially modified to lift your chair, or have companions who can help you in and out of vehicles, well. You know better than we do what a bitch it is toga eet a round of anything at the bar of life.

Mike and Dan wondered if it were possible for a chair to ride down on the trolley and then up over the U.S. pedestrian ramps and down through the gates and along the sidewalks and over the river and... then last year (2002) we heard the purr of an electric motor behind us and a guy in motorized chair just buzzed past us and damif he didn't slide that power chair through the turnstyle and cross the street and go into Plaza Viva Tijuana where we passed him a few minutes later having a beer at one of the restaurants in the mechanical bull plaza.

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