Concerts & Theater.

Like any great metropolis, Tijuana is a city full of music and theater, with events being staged in many different locales from intimate concerts or small plays produced in many art-cafes or private cultural centers, up to the big plays, ballets, concerts at CECUT, las Pulgas, Casa de la Cultural, Multikulti, etcet.

The trick is finding when or where they will be presented.

We cannot pretend to provide a calendar or schedule service, however much we regret this inability. It is simply beyond our powers or desire to do so. We can barely keep up with finding a few things we want to go see ourselves. HOWEVER, the

  • CECUT (Central Cultural de Tijuana) calendar can be accessed from their website,
  • the Casa de la Cultural calendar can be accessed from the IMAC website (in Spanish),
    and daily newspapers such as Frontera, or weekly arts/culture publications like Bitacora, also have their online presence there with calendar information.

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