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New border gate under construction 2010-2020

– by Charlotte Duston, March 2011

The federal governments of Mexico and the United States are beginning a massive reconstruction of the San Ysidro international border gate between San Diego and Tijuana, also known as Puerta Mexico.

Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.

For more than two hundred years, California coastal traffic has flowed back and forth, here, on this corner of the world, where the peninsula of California is breaking loose from its continent America.

In the beginning, no one stopped the Indian people going back and forth between the villages to the south and the villages to the north. There was no border, only a river that got dry in summer, and sometimes flooded in winter.

Then the Mexicans and the Gringoes came, and divided the world into English and Spanish. Since then, as the population increased and dog years shrank toward telephone days and internet moments, new border checkpoints have been constructed every new generation or two.

At first,when we had only horses and telegraph wires, a simple adobe building was enough to keep the worlds apart from each other. But then, we needed granite obelisks and high-wheeled wagons and even a railroad. Someone built a gate and shut it at night.

When, after 1919, alcohol became illegal in the United States, there were already plenty of automobiles running around, and things just got worse after that. They built a beautiful “Spanish” style WPA building, and later, while Richard Nixon was staring down from far, far away, they built the huge stucco monster who has stood here for the past forty years.

Now even that is not enough, and an entirely new creature is to be lifted up upon the dry river sands, here where floods of horseshit and endless streams of automobile busses go back and forth and forth and back and back and forth again again again again again all day all night forever more amen.

No, that was not enough. We now need more. The busiest border crossing in the world is about to be graced with yet another monster of architecture and highway planning. Here, see for yourself, oh brave new world that hath such creatures in it, see for yourself what shall be completed sometime before 2020.


Want to know more? Consult the official government reconstruction web page at http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/21521 (link correct in February 2011)