inSite_05    — Art Practices in the Public Domain — The Projects LISTED etc.
          27 August/Agosto - 13 November/Noveimbre 2005

or at least the ones we've heard about

(in the interests of saving space, addresses are abbreviated, and all personal names [artists, curators, etc.] have been left out;
     interested readers are directed to

  • Info Sites
    Dual information centers in different, innovative, temporary architectural structures.
    Perfect for studying the festival mechanics and philosophy via pamphlets,
    video, catlogues, books, xeroxed reading packets, artist biographies, etc.
    28 Aug - 13 Nov : CECUT, Zona Rio, Tijuana
    28 Aug - 13 Nov : Museum of Art, Balboa Park, San Diego.

  • Farsites / Sitios distantes
    The gallery component of the festival. Videos, sculpture, painting, drawings, photography,
    treating the theme of moments when the urban grid fails, thus the subtitle: "Urban Crisis and
    Domestic Symptoms in Recent Contemporary Art".
    28 Aug - 13 Nov : CECUT, Zona Rio, Tijuana — Free
    28 Aug - 13 Nov : Museum of Art, Balboa Park, San Diego — $10 etc.

  • One Flew Over the Void / Bala Perdida      our review
    The "human cannonball" (Dave Smith) is shot over the border fence at Playas
    (beaches) de Tijuana, in conjunction with a musical presentation and costumed
    performance/parade by psychiatric patients from Mexicali.
    27 Aug 4:00 pm, Playas de Tijuana (by the lighthouse).

  • Mi casa, su casa      our review
    Lecture/presentations on the question of public/private limits and trust,
    of what is locked vs. open. The artist, then, with his key-making machine,
    will invite attendees to exchange keys as ritual acts of trust.
    –23 Aug 6:00 pm Centro Cultural de la Raza, 2125 Park Blvd. San Diego
    –24 Aug Fundación Esperanza, La Gloria, Tijuana
    –23 Sep 4:00 pm DIF, Quintana Roo #730, Tijuana
    –27 Sep 11:00 am Penitenciaria de La Mesa, Av.Charros y Calle C #140, Tijuana
    –28 Sep 7:00 pm ICBC Av.Centenario #1015, Zona Rio Este, Tijuana
    –29 Sep (TBA) School of Art etc, SDSU, San Diego
    –18 Oct 7:30 pm Atheneum, 1008 Wall St., La Jolla, San Diego
    –19 Oct 6:00 pm Tijuana Estuary Reserve, 301 Caspian Way, Imperial Beach
    –20 Oct (TBA) Woodbury, 1060 8th #200, San Diego
    –21 Oct (TBA) El Nopal, Cinco de Mayo ("F") #1328, Tijuana Centro

  • Dirty Water Initiative / Iniciative del agua sucia
    Deployment of solar distillation units in the corredor turistico touristic walkway
    probably between the walls before the turnstyles; later, donate the
    fresh water stills to neighborhoods.

  • Ciudad Recuperación
    Video project interview of recovering addicts and then upper/middle class women.
    –27 August, CECUT
    –22 October, Multikulti (Constitución #1313, centro TJ)

  • Some Kindly Monster / Un cierto monstruo amable
    Combining Asian and Lowrider car-culture to create a DJ-carrying vehicle
    that navigates through different "territories of belonging".
    Confirmed Appearances (there will be others unannounced):
    –27 August 8:30 pm CECUT
    –25 September 7:30 pm Maclovio Rojas
    –21 October 7:00 pm UCSD
    –12 November (TBA) CECUT

  • Maleteros      our review
    " intervention into the pre-existing labor dynamic of porters (maleteros)
    who work along the narrow border strip linking Tijuana and San Diego...
    has mapped the intricate relationships of economic exchange that routinely
    penetrate and circulate around the border."

  • Murphy Canyon Choir / Coro de Murphy Canyon
    A choir composed of military spouses in San Diego. Final performance
    25 September 3:00 pm "in the Murphy Canyon Area (3200 Santo Road?).

  • Ellipsis / Elipsis      our review
    A live video and sound image event
    " inhabit this in-between world, linking optical/sound image with
    temporal space to create a temporary circuit, and produce a creative
    tension that gives the event momentary life."
    [happening] — 24 Sep 8:00 pm at the Caliente Race Track

  • The Good Rumor Project / El proyecto del buen humor
    Working with dialogue groups, two "good" rumors were created about Tijuana and
    San Diego, to be spread in the opposite twin cities.
    Video: 26 Aug - 13 Nov: L Street Parkade between 6th and 5th, downtown San Diego

  • Tijuana Calling
    Online project. "...such as infectious media, electronic civil disobedience, and cyberzapatismo."
    Access via

  • Hospitality / Hospitalidad
    Painting names on the pedestrian bridge over the river.
    15 Aug - 13 Nov

  • Signs Facing the Sky / Signos mirando a cielo
    Video of: geography under airplanes landing at Lindberg Field San Diego,
    combined with narrative fragments from people who live or work in those buildings.
    26 Aug - 13 Nov : The Airport Bar, 2400 India Street, San Diego

  • Heroes of War / Héroes de guerra
    Video installation, veterans' interviews and paraphernalia (medals, ribbons, etc).
    27 Aug - 13 Nov : Veterans Museum, Balboa Park: 2115 Park Blvd. San Diego

  • The Clothes Shop / La tienda de ropa
    Fashion workshop, marketing networks, production, consumption of clothing
    from downtown Tijuana to upscale La Jolla boutique.
    Tijuana (location/date TBA)
    23 Sep - 13 Nov : 1152 Prospect St. La Jolla, San Diego.

  • Osmosis and Excess / Osmosis y exceso
    Video mixing junkyards of cars flowing down the hills with scenes of
    a pharmacy shop flooded with mud. Filmed 23-31 March 2005
    26 Aug - 13 Nov : Parkade on 6th Ave. between K and L Sts. Downtown San Diego

  • On Translation: Fear/Miedo
    Televised video of interviews on tensions and fears of people who
    experience the border zone on a daily basis, information systems,
    and archival images.
    Will be broadcast between August and November on television
    in San Diego, Mexico City, Tijuana and Washington D.C.

  • The Jewel / In God We Trust
    Covering a junked car with gold leaf and auctioning it at an upscale car boutique.
    25 Aug 6:00-8:00 pm, Ferrari and Maserati of San Diego.

  • Aerial Bridge / Puente aéreo      our review
    Model airplane clubs in San Diego and Tijuana create a flying event at the border.
    24 Sep 3:00 pm, pedestrian bridge over the river, Tijuana.

  • Brinco ("Jump")
    "Creation of a limited edition sneaker line" manufactured in China for migrants
    crossing the US/Mexican border. Includes map, compass, flashlight, tylenol,
    in colors of green, red, black, and gold, with an image of a patron saint.
    28 Aug - 13 Nov : Blends (Store) 726 Market St. San Diego.

  • Visible
    "Through the free distribution of a specially designed pin, Visible transforms
    every individual who receives and/or distributes it into an agent/member of an
    underground alliance, effectively creating a network of the sign/pin."
    22 Aug - ???. Location: "transborder commuter flow"...

  • THERE IS also A "permanent project" :

  • La esquina / Jardines de Playas de Tijuana
    the corner gardens at Tijuana beaches — some new park structures and street treatment
    next to the lighthouse by the bullring at the border border beach
    dedicated Saturday 27 August

  • Our Critique: the corner of this world has been Totally Dignified by this project.
    What was a fascinating, but butt-ugly dump, is now actually rather lovely.

    This area has been the site of many past inSite art pieces in the past. In 2000 the "Cities" piece mounted a shining metal sheet on the border fence over there by the stone obelisk. From '92 down the street you can still see the remains of brick resting benches built as a Baja garden for migrants to rest in before crossing the border north.

    This spot where the border fence plunges into the sea (now there is a real border, between the ocean and the land, at right angles to the fence) this spot has become a famous tourist site that "must be seen" by all visitors to Tijuana. The treatment recently completed is elegant and functional, not-too-beautiful (there is an aesthetic of political ugliness and racist/imperialist fear here that should be highlighted [or at least not hidden] i.e. the metal fence itself and what it represents) and now we have said enough already shut up.

    No I won't Shut Up. The use of circles in building and street, the remodelled bathroom facility, the excellent preparation of a rooftop viewing platform from which one may gaze across the fence and over the sea toward Japan and San Diego, this

    Yes. Kudos.

    PARTIAL copyright claims only on personal comments 2005 Daniel Charles Thomas