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   silver tri-motor 30s airliner    
   drops from the sky to land   
   at casino agua caliente   

   when I was a child the corner of   
   1st & Revolution downtown 1955   

   the long bar of the Ballena once   
   upon a time in the roaring 20s   

   outside the longest   
   bar in the world    

   loose on the wild street   
   downtown TJ avenue   
   the power of the   
   almighty dollar   
The Avenida Puente Mexico up the hill from the bridge over the river.

from the dusty estrellada visión de un    child a la burntout zebra perdida en a bar         wondrous wooden juguetes magnificos toys and plaster                 cartón                    heroes                      women falling under busses                kidnapped poetas desaparacidos           ravaging valley fires           la guerra chess sets de marmól          @ Babylon
burros pintados zebras tumbling magic blocks      William Carlos Williams atrás                                      Charles Bukowski

 bolas en a stick     cowboy	     
string-puppet titeres en tricolores	
 new puentes y río floods RE-development from quickie divorce sex to cheap factory wages pharmacy mariachi banda tecno norteña rock punk
from 10,000 border hybrids grandparents Armenian, German, French, Spanish, Latin
to 2,000,000 half-brown Mexicans whose parents believe in this heaven and hell
frontier killing
daughter of a bartender or son of a gun ¡el casino is dead - long live the casino!
be it saint or soldier, murderer, politician exotic dancer gambler or deadly karaoke ghost
Tijuas in the blinding eye of a gringo reborn @ taco versos .

poemas de D y M en español
traducidos con amigos, gracias a ellos

2007 gringo :

a beat up old coleman cooler
something I saw made me think of something David told me

Otay 001
the view from Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Avenue, Mesa de Otay, Tijuana

2006 gringo :

my grandmother used to have we wipe the table clean as usual after dinner

a diatribe full of sound and fury signifying no thing

a monstrous long poem on and on and on


a dream of writing on rails

date is irrelevant – yet

Begin this page all again hours later the
clock was buzz and time from London.

2004 gringo (en inglés) and 2005 :

I AM A DOG is god spieled backw0rds metamorphic poet canine

Late Bus — from 9.9.4 never knows
     these days

13.01.05: Behind the wall
Behind the wall
in the tiny garden trees

Newspaper Exodus
A taste of burnt bushes in the air Moses
put off your shoes on holy ground...

Borderline Suite #1 - a few pictures-

Beneath the flowery flag, Ronald Reagan
name 1984 is carved on a stone plaque.
"Well, Mommy, There You Go Again."

la Faraona
Jewels and flaming robes of pearl
adorn the banshee mist and light
dancing ghost of Agua Caliente

the earth is a great crocodile monster
alligator America between the waters

12 MAY 2004 - sunflowers in the valley for Nina Moreno

FRIDAY THE 13TH AUGUST OTAY GATE - something we saw.

Packing List Number Three - a shipping manifesto embarcation

and the time changed - a game of meaning.

Señor Tope - a speed bump.

U S E D - mmm a game and something we saw.

   ...the vanishing old airliner and   
   a myth of lost gamblers' gold...

   more    efforts    2000-2003

bring them safely home again drinking drag

4ta y constitución
a map of downtown street corner

Border Poet Line (longer poem)
     for plaza Santa Cecilia selection from the work

Codex TijuanA -- 17 poems -- First Place Winning Manuscript: Pellicer/Frost Ford/Frontera Binational Poetry Competition, December 2000

Corredor the pedestrian entrance to Mexico

en la ballena scribbled hanging with Nina Moreno and some other artists back in the year zero at the Turistico and then ended up at the [new] Ballena

Night-hawk: a love poem for the Border Patrol; also available in Spanish

on the border in the summer
evening park the setting sun gets in your eyes

Playas de Tijuana -- por Tere la potosina 14va. God help me but I do love This Woman

Porque me regañas
a twist on who are the chosen people to slave on the new pyramids, but more personal

Puente México The town can be changed,
but the well cannot be changed...

Go ahead... look back
you can still see them

            in                      old                   photographs
a narrative history WITH revisions of year 46 (2003-2004)

Tacos El Rey
the shining steel meat of history

[ you ]

     the magical old yellow car     
     has left the house     

     this file is almost 
     at its end

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  • University of Mexico (UNAM) Instituto de Investigaciones Filologicas Un Pasado Visible -- Traduciamos con otra gente en una antología de poemas sobre arte prehispanico de México -- we translated with other people in an anthology of poetry about prehispanic art and ruins

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    Codex Tijuana (2000 manuscript version)
  • YGDRASIL (Currently [2010] UNAVAILABLE) has some other poems on their pages
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