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     A taste of burnt bushes in the air Moses
     put off your shoes on holy ground
     where the street dogs roam
     one image to rule them

     all                 doves
     fluttering in the morning
     by the cement passageway
     to                  work

     crossing between houses
     past the woman sweeping
     her                 sidewalk

    "my children have never known
          a lawn to play on..."
               mis hijos mis hijos
               ¿ ya donde podais ir ?
     my children, my children
     where can you go now?

     The weeping goddess in the night
          another howling dog
          outside the cryogenic
          factory, frozen nitrogen
     beyond              these
     half abandoned gurneys, dried blood
     on neighborhood streets, chalk circles
     from police bullet marks, broken vials
     dusty trash         where are you now...?

     Moses precious verses, delicate feathers,
     bittersweet emerald snake, rivers of
     jade sewage, the cultural dumping
     ground    smelling  salt self .

     Pillars of smoke rise up by day
     from blazing rubber tires
     in my               mind

     and once, twice     in periodical
                         flesh     .

¿Quiere leerlo en Español?
Gringo TJ Poemas

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