Gringo : TJ Poemas

M E S O - N A R C O

the earth is a great crocodile monster
alligator America between the waters

there is no northwest passage
no fabulous straight of Anian

through these carnivorous jaws & teeth
no hyperspace warp beyond

our dark speed of light
years kiss of rain or

volcano breath .

Ruined cities testify fall
winter conquest

bloody colonial intervention
- y tu, que metes -


it has all been stolen
raped and robbed


murdered in a hailstorm of gunfire
AK-47 rams' horns sounding

outside that drug war Maya disco
where terror is born your

mother's name - si es un desmadre
nothing you can do but

go away .

TJ Poemas Gringo

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Copyright 2003-2004 Daniel Charles Thomas