Gringo : TJ Poemas

   ...the vanishing old airliner and   
   a myth of lost gamblers' gold...

     F A R A O N A

               Jewels and flaming robes of pearl     
               adorn the banshee mist and light        
               dancing ghost of Agua Caliente          

               buried treasure legend echoes           
               through flooded tunnels                 
               deep under bordertown academy           
               true			false       
               and all space		in between  
               all time that is		not quite now    
               this dancing specter of fog and sunlight      
               nightengale from vanished casino              
               golden fragment of Spanish tile                  
               Moorish chimney minarete                          
               empty swimming pool                               
               crumbling fountain                               

TJ Poemas Gringo

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Copyright 2003-2004 Daniel Charles Thomas