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invite any number of great lines
to lean and loaf at ease in Tijuana

gather grass futures when worlds collide
cultures fornicate languages cross-dress

a rich man on the hilltop fears no storm
hiring helicopters to hold up his house

addicts in riverbed beg coins for food
five tacos gets them crystal rock drug

while a million others only want work
to buy a house build a car go to school

on the other side of the line consumer
desire trickles down trash from heaven

this is the true poem of border life
objects in mirror are closer than they

appear .

I am still debating the word "lines" in the first line, originally the word was "poets".

The verse appeared in diary.  A reader wrote later asking where it was.  Wanted it.  Said "lines" is better.  Figured out what we "stole" (public domain, now) "lean and loaf" etc., from Whitman.  Poetas son todos ladrones.  Occupational hazard.  Asbestos of the mind....

Everything in this poem is true.  Ramón told us about the rich man and his helicopter wet dream from rain.  Maquiladoras made him rich.  Very Californicate, no?

Or maybe that's Ramón's wet dream... we'll never say his name after what he....

My biggest problem is these grudging no.

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