Gringo : TJ Poemas

 B O R D E R L I N E    S U I T E    # 1

1. a smell of burnt bushes in the air over the passageway between houses where the street dogs roam one image to rule them all pigeons rubber tires trash . "my children have never known a lawn to play on in front of the house..." my children, mis hijos ¿donde puedan irse ahorita? the ancient woman ghost wandering through the streets cries out in the night my children, my children, where can you go now? precious verses bitter sweet smell smoke
2. la nieta de nuestra dueña - our landlady's grand-daughter - sits talking outside late at night on the sidewalk with two friends - both boys . She is pretty and smart and the boys (17, 18) are (or seem to my snoopy old eyes and ears) among the better sort (as my grandmothers might have said, approvingly) and I, bohemian from another century (millennium) sit upstairs at the window typing a letter on our kitchen table to think of Jules et Jim yes y luego las dos Elenas de Fuentes
3. Mexico has transformed me made me more proud to be A merde I can with the freedom to throw Martha Stewart flaming bags of poo in French on my own other or, like the Zen master simply r e v e r e .
4. " - the walrus is Paul - " he was known for his silverware and pewter, and I once possessed a tankard pretended his six dollars in a thrift store abandoned after divorce #2 aunque Vd. no lo cree believe it or not, small human cliché .
5. the WASPs are stinging, silently, accusing me of betraying my class
without a single word being spoken
no Latin quinceañeras no fat Greek weddings they have, as Bukoski wrote, all fled south to Del Mar (or Stalingrad alias San Miguel donde se habla mucho el inglés sí señor, sí señora); and I, for my past, part, hypocrite, love México for its clean, clear, class sistema porque aquí sí soy guero y gabacho because here I am white, and White . Mas sí soy más hipocrita acá, norte -americano un-fascismably hyphen -ated porque in tlakuilo tlajtoa nauatl in nehua tlajtoani in kuikatl dreaming of old lord Moctezuma who, when he sat, a chair always appeared según Gary Jennings in Azteka oajuaya ay entonces, pues God forgive me if I repent mientras que mean while the other wasps are stinging, silently, without a single
word getting spoke -
and no circled wagon lost as I, sir Bee, drone, can only scribble ese toque de m i e l (honey) .
6. yes, the houses crowd together, up and down steep hillsides clinging to dusty slopes perched above tilted ramps old staircases new B O U L E V A R D S and yes, there is a different meaning to the comma here, in Spanish : SE SUBE, el precio de alcohol después de las doce IT GOES UP, the price of alcohol after midnight but Cinderella, now, has lost her other shoe and wanders from bar to cantina looking for someone to speak French .
7. Yes, the factories crowd together; Japan, Korea, United States, Mexico, Germany, Taiwan . They swallow workers at a dollar fifty hour less, more . Glance over their shoulders at China rumbling distance across the ocean competition . Outside the warehouse back doors, in the dumpsters of philosophy, Jaime Ruíz is gathering illuminated manuscripts from T r a s h ( basura ) . ART ES ARTE . .
8. una tarde de 1964 don Ramón estaba cruzando el viejo puente del río hacia el pueblo cuando la rueda de la fortuna en el festival de cerveza se cayó por tu lado izquierdo . Se sacudió al girar como una gran moneda fea antes de que se detuviera con nubes de gritos y polvo . one afternoon in 1964 don Ramon was crossing the old river bridge into town when the ferris wheel at the beer carnival fell over on your left . It rattled around like a big ugly penny before settling down into clouds of screams and dust .
9. the bus driver on the U.S. side is Mexican hypen American . But some of these people (he says) wouldn't life a finger to stop al qaeda terror . His Spanish is better than mine but he agrees when I speak of the secret jealousy between Chicano and Mexicano. HELLO - MAY I HELP YOU says the ATM machine in McDonalds written English. There Is A Subtext (Virginia) to the border . Yes, Santa. There is a . . WE ARE TURNING "Them" into U:S:
10. The white boy from Virginia smiles out the trolley window toward the giant Mexican flag floating above downtown T i j u a n a across the line . D A M N . . . (he says) we're really going to Mexico? His Navy buddies laugh. Older tourists smile. Evening workers going home look a w a y (clutch their bags of discount) ------------------------------------------------------ on this same border trolley I only write dis content . There be no table (tabula rasa) of contents. We are all guilty in-no.cent selves. Sales. There is nothing to receive. No receipt to make any different p r i c e c h e q u e on this, these my only contraband (farruca) w o r d s . . .
11. one night, tonight, for the first time in five years of riding route taxis (taxis de ruta) I experience a gasoline station from the viewpoint ( P.O.V ) of a passenger yes . Every social structure every geography of human place has its script and this moment is now for me slightly, subtly, deliciously d i f f e r e n t (so what do you say to "diferance" now señor infected Foucault ? ) Eh . =====================================================================
12. Namesake (tocayo) Daniel Ruanova is painting soldiers with guns on guard on the wall automatic muzzles uplifted toward the Sun - then a huge green smear. I ask him what is that? Before then after the target bomb . He says .
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