Tijuana Gringo


library of congress historical map collection on line

http://www.maphistory.info/index.html -- nautical historical charts, U.S.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, a superb site, concentrating on American history (Exploration of Canada, Mexico, and the United States).

University of Georgia, and, logically, is mostly about Georgia.

the history of cartography -- comments and information -- no maps there, but plenty of links to such sites. Looks like a good "map-bibliography" type resource,
          for those of you who want more than the pitifully few map links offered here....

www.topoquest.com for topographic maps of the U.S.

http://www.maps-of-mexico.com/baja-california-norte-mexico/baja-california-norte-state-mexico-map-main.shtml -- maps of the state of Baja California (with access to all of Mexico).

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth -- Clickable Map Search -- Access to all photographs since 1961, get lists within 2.5 x 2.5 degree blocks. For space photos of Baja and all the Earth.

aerial views http://terraserver.microsoft.com/ -- aerial black and white photos of U.S. and a slice of the border

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration gateway to many historical charts....

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission - images of California.

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