Monday Lunes   94 Verano Summer   29 Moon/Luna   57 Spaceage
22 Septiembre/September 2014

It is so strange writing for an empty space where I used to write every day.

When I lived in Tijuana I used to go every day to the internet cafe and spend my ten pesos, twenty pesos, just to get connected and upload my latest attempt to write something, anything, me, on the border between inside and outside, that deer in the headlamps when I was a child and it almost killed us but we killed it instead.

Now I am planning to fly away to Paris next week.

Except the airline – Air France – is on strike. Or rather, the pilots are on strike, and roughly 45% of the scheduled flights are cancelled this week.

Will it continue next week?

I don’t know.

My ticket is already paid for, groaning under the weight of a dying credit card.

Well, at least they would have to give me a full refund.

But .  .      .

Monday Lunes   94 Verano Summer   29 Moon/Luna   57 Spaceage

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