Root page index.html for all these Tijuana gringo pages. Tecate entrada a superhighway carretera cuota wild mountain canyon toll ruta a Tecate Free Road to Tecate - Tecate Libre - both old and new versions Otay Mesa, another of the big flat spaces, split down the middle by the international border, dividing the ancient rancho Otay. Tijuana Aeropuerto, en seguida de the international border Colonia Libertad -- old hillside neighborhoods across the river from downtown Cerro Colorado - the Red Hill - surrounded by rodeado por megalopoli Valle de las Palmas - lugar donde va llegar el arroyo nuevo del Eductor place where the new stream of water will come from the Eductor. Valle of el Florido - industria, casas, megalopoli 
   La Presa - the Rodriguez   
   reservoir/dam carries   
   the old free road   
   over its narrow crest   
Camionera Central de Autobuses 5&10 cincoydiez Buena Vista delegacion La Mesa, lado este east side of the ciudad Agua Caliente - sitio de vanished casino e hipodromo track Free Road - Camino Libre - a Rosarito y Ensenada Zona Rio -- new shopping entertainment zone beside the river channel San Ysidro Gate @ La Linea Downtown el Centro original y una 

vision de la madness locura. Altamira Casa de la Cultura Colonia Soler -- Landscape over hilltop colonias entre 

downtown and the beach/playas. Colonia Soler -- Landscape over hilltop colonias entre 

downtown and the beach/playas. Border frontera linea plunging into the sea. Tijuana River nature reserve - beach, swamp, solitude.

New metal fence stops southern access. Playas de Tijuana with 

my girlfriend Tere. Scenic tollroad carretera cuota a Rosarito y Ensenada. 
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